Modern Talking - Collection (2024) mp3 320Kbps

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Modern Talking - Collection (2024) mp3 320Kbps

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Genre: Disco
Duration: 09:46:57

Codec: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps

Modern Talking songs are like a canvas on which the composer and vocalist paint a musical picture, gradually drawing elements. An example of when brilliant musicians meet and unite, immortal masterpieces for all times are obtained. Very warm music and a pleasant voice, as if hugging you and taking you into your world of nostalgia. I know and love the work of this duo, from early childhood. Albums of the 80s, well recorded. The sound is soft and not oppressive. And here is the period of the late 90s - early 2000s, already with some kind of inadequate overload in volume and frequencies. Of all the CD editions, I chose the most competent, original sound. I categorically did not like the remasters. Enjoy listening to everyone. May the energy of music be with us! All the best for you. ALEXnROCK

001. You're My Heart, You're My Soul
002. You Can Win If You Want
003. There's Too Much Blue In Missing You
004. Diamonds Never Made A Lady
005. The Night Is Yours - The Night Is Mine
006. Do You Wanna
007. Lucky Guy
008. One In A Million
009. Bells Of Paris
010. Cheri Cheri Lady
011. With A Little Love
012. Wild Wild Water
013. You're The Lady Of My Heart
014. Just Like An Angel
015. Heaven Will Know
016. Love Don't Live Here Anymore
017. Why Did You Do It Just Tonight
018. Don't Give Up
019. Let's Talk About Love
020. Brother Louie
021. Just We Two (Mona Lisa)
022. Lady Lai
023. Doctor For My Heart
024. Save Me - Don't Break Me
025. Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)
026. Keep Love Alive
027. Hey You
028. Angie's Heart
029. Only Love Can Break My Heart
030. Geronimo's Cadillac
031. Riding On A White Swan
032. Give Me Peace On Earth
033. Sweet Little Sheila
034. Ten Thousand Lonely Drums
035. Lonely Tears In Chinatown
036. In Shaire
037. Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere
038. The Angels Sing In New York City
039. Princess Of The Night
040. Jet Airliner
041. Like A Hero
042. Don't Worry
043. Blinded By Your Love
044. Romantic Warriors
045. Arabian Gold
046. We Still Have Dreams
047. Operator Gimme 609
048. You And Me
049. Charlene
050. In 100 Years
051. Don't Let It Get You Down
052. Who Will Save The World
053. A Telegram To Your Heart
054. It's Christmas
055. Don't Lose My Number
056. Slow Motion
057. Locomotion Tango
058. Good Girls Go To Heaven - Bad Girls Go
059. In 100 Years (Reprise)
060. You Are Not Alone
061. Sexy, Sexy Lover
062. I Can't Give You More
063. Just Close Your Eyes
064. Don't Let Me Go
065. I'm So Much In Love
066. Rouge Et Noir
067. All I Have
068. Can't Get Enough
069. Love Is Like A Rainbow
070. How You Mend A Broken Heart
071. It Hurts So Good
072. I'll Never Give You Up
073. Don't Let Me Down
074. Taxi Girl
075. For Always And Ever
076. Space Mix feat. Eric Singleton
077. China In Her Eyes
078. Don't Take Away My Heart
079. It's Your Smile
080. Cosmic Girl
081. After Your Love Is Gone
082. Girl Out Of My Dreams
083. My Lonely Girl
084. No Face, No Name, No Number
085. Can't Let You Go
086. Part Time Lover
087. Time Is On My Side
088. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
089. Avec Toi
090. I'm Not Guilty
091. Fight For The Right Love
092. Walking In The Rain Of Paris
093. Fly To The Moon
094. Love Is Forever
095. China In Her Eyes (Feat. Eric Singleto
096. Ready For The Victory
097. I'm Gonna Be Strong
098. Don't Make Me Blue
099. Juliet
100. Higher Than Heaven
101. You're Not Lisa
102. When The Sky Rained Fire
103. Summer In December
104. 10 Seconds To Countdown
105. Love To Love You
106. Blue Eyed Coloured Girl
107. We Are Children Of The World
108. Mrs. Robota
109. If I...
110. Who Will Love You Like I Do
111. TV Makes The Superstar
112. I'm No Rockefeller
113. Mystery
114. Everybody Needs Somebody
115. Heart Of An Angel
116. Who Will Be There
117. Knocking On My Door
118. Should I, Would I, Could I
119. Blackbird
120. Life Is Too Short
121. Nothing But The Truth
122. Superstar
123. You're My Heart, You're My Soul (New V
124. Brother Louie (New Version)
125. I Will Follow You (New Hit '98)
126. Cheri Cheri Lady (New Version)
127. You Can Win If You Want (New Version)
128. Don't Play With My Heart (New Hit '98)
129. Atlantis Is Caling (New Version)
130. Geronimo's Cadillac (New Version)
131. Give Me Peace On Earth (New Version)
132. We Take The Chance (New Hit '98)
133. Jet Airliner (New Version)
134. Lady Lai (New Version)
135. Anything Is Possible (New Hit '98)
136. In 100 Years (New Version)
137. Angie's Heart (New Version)
138. No. 1 Hit Medley
139. Last Exit To Brooklyn
140. China In Her Eyes (feat. Eric Singleto
141. Win The Race
142. Don't Take Away My Heart (feat. Eric S
143. You're My Heart, You're My Soul (feat.
144. Cheri Cheri Lady (feat. Eric Singleton
145. Cinderella Girl
146. Sexy Sexy Lover (feat. Eric Singleton)
147. Brother Louie Mix '98 (feat. Eric Sing
148. You Are Not Alone (feat. Eric Singleto
149. Down On My Knees
150. Fly To The Moon (feat. Eric Singleton)
151. Last Exit To Brooklyn (Rap Version)
152. Space Mix (feat. Eric Singleton)
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